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TRE in Cape Town

I recently attended a TRE – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises session with Cath and Tom in Claremont.

“TRE is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.”

I first read about TRE here and did some research on the topic last year. I managed to figure out the exercises you need to do for TRE, but I never got around to trying it, because I figured it’s a bit weird to do on your own.

The workshop / group format was a nice way to finally experience TRE.

The exercises were pretty easy. I found the tremors to be a bit of a strange feeling, but natural and very relaxing in the end.

The session took about an hour in total.

Check it out.

Thanks Lynne.


Text neck? Stiff shoulders? Too much time sitting in front of a computer?

Try these:

  • Go swimming
  • Go for long walks
  • Do morning stretches
  • Hang – like hang from a pull-up bar
  • Steam baths, saunas and cold showers
  • Do air squats
  • Get a good office chair
  • Work on hip mobility
  • Get up from your desk and stretch every now and again and take a walk over lunchtime
  • Get a foam roller
  • Get an electric back massager, remember to massage the base of your skull
  • Have a deep tissue Thai massage – ask for firm/deep pressure, it might hurt a bit
  • Do good old lower back extensions at the gym
  • Do dislocates and j-curls
  • Go for dry needling
  • Watch this: How you move defines how you live, and part two

Connective tissue takes 6 months to regenerate, so keep going with the above and form good habits.

Dry needling really worked well for a stiff neck.

Happy health hacking, crazy kids.