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Turns out it’s not ‘just the flu’.

I made a few notes to help you prepare for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Probably most useful for people in and around Cape Town. tl;dr stay healthy, keep your immune system strong, sleep well, avoid leaving the house.

I’d strongly suggest you don’t have the attitude of “let’s just get the disease and get it over with”. You will probably still end up with lung damage. Watch this video. Covid19 seems to destroy the cells that make Surfactant in the lungs. Surfactant is a lipoprotein molecule that reduces the force of surface tension from water molecules on the lung tissue and helps the lungs inflate and deflate properly without the possibility of collapse from surface tension.

Let’s all agree it’s a very bad idea to go to hospital in next few weeks if you don’t have to, so try to self-isolate. Stay at home. Stay healthy.


  • Get food for 4 weeks, obviously. Try to buy things online rather. Smoothie ingredients keep pretty well.
  • Scrub your hands well with soap, after touching anything outside your home.
  • Health supplements: Listen to this podcast. Then get: Allicin (garlic extract), Astragalus, Mushroom cocktail (Shiitake, Reishi etc), VitD3 (5000iu), VitC, Zinc. None of these will work magic, but you want your immune system to be in good shape. You can find these at places like Wellness Warehouse. See photo above.
  • Vitamin D3: As people will be spending more time indoors they may not be making as much vitamin D in their skin from sun exposure. “A meta-analysis of 25 randomized controlled trials found conducted in 14 countries found that vitamin D supplementation cut the risk of infection with respiratory illnesses by 50% in people that were vitamin D deficient and by 10% in people with normal vitamin D levels.” Make sure you get the 5000iu one – often not in the usual shelf area – have to ask for it. You want to take around 4000iu per day.
  • Antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia
  • Vaccine for viral pneumonia, if you can find this, sold out when I last checked
  • Chloroquine – Malaria drug, probably also sold out – might be hard to get a doctor to write you a script for this – high dose malaria drugs can have complications
  • You might want to get a latent TB test
  • Try to get a flu shot when available, mostly so you avoid the flu and not confuse symptoms
  • Nebuliser device + Duolin liquid (over the counter)
  • Rehidrate, a few packs
  • FFP2 masks, very close to N95 (more like N94 as in 94%). stocks these.
  • Goggles / glasses to remind you not to touch your eyes
  • Thermometer(s)
  • Make a daily spreadsheet log of people contact, outings, and morning body temperature readings
  • Avoid Ibuprofen, stick to Aspirin and Paracetamol
  • Sleep well
  • Keep a daily routine, stretch / mobility routine, walk, get some sun
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Start a text chat groups with friends to share virus news
  • Get a haircut before self-quarantine, bonus points
  • Fill up your car with fuel, have some cash with you
  • Get used to meetings via video conferencing, Skype, Jitsi Meet app works well
  • Tea, Earl Grey, loos leaf, making tea keeps you busy (-;

I’ll keep adding notes here if I find useful things to share.

Websites and news to monitor:

Lastly, seek medical advice if you feel short of breath, and… don’t eat bats!

UPDATE 19 Mar: You can also look at getting AHCC supplements, which come from shiitake mushrooms.

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