Cholesterol Hacking

Some notes on cholesterol hacking.

I did a last minute Vitality test last week. Cholesterol score under 5 again.

Total: 4.9
DHL: 1.51 (last test 1.21)
Tri: 1.48
LDL 2.2 mmol/L (last test 2.95) Under 2.6 is considered good it seems.

I did a one week hack of: macadamia oil, brazil nuts, high dose vit-c + lysine, niacin (the real deal, not that no-flush bs), aspirin and some collagen. I don’t claim to understand the science or which of these really have the most impact. I suspect a diet high in mono-unsaturated fat causes the liver to down regulate LDL.

If you have the time, go nerd out here:

This guy seems to 1/2 his score in 5 days – which proves diet is a major part of the story.

Peter Attia podcasts on this topic are also great (if you can follow half of what’s going on).

Obviously a one week hack is not a healthy lifestyle. This is just a collection of things I’ve found which improve the test results. These hacks seem to move HDL up and LDL down.

I should probably buy myself one of those small testing devices to experiment more.

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