Health Sprint Feb 2017

We’re doing a 4 week health sprint in February.

Following the usual Health Guide.

Week 0: Warm up. Eat healthy. Get back to gym.
Week 1-3: Transformation challenge: fat lost + muscle gained.
Week 4: Fasting week.

At last count, we have 12 people in the group.


I’m aiming for a 10kg transformation: fat lost + muscle gained, which I think is a good target for 5 weeks.

8kg fat loss, 2kg muscle gain.

Starting data:

The Goal

The goal of this challenge is to see if a few friends can get into this diet – get keto/fat adapted – make their brains run without glucose as primary fuel – and see if they can lose a healthy dose of body fat in five weeks.

Key things:

  • Is this a simple enough recipe / protocol to follow?
  • Are people crazy enough to do this stuff?
  • Can they stick to it for more than one 3 month cycle?
  • Can they get through the glucose withdrawal phase?
  • How do males and female experiences differ?
  • Can they get really good body transformation results?
  • …and get feedback, to improve the guide / protocol.

Remember to book your Vitality health assessment for early March.

Happy health hacking, crazy kids.

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