Welcome to my Health Hacking blog: More Life Labs.

I’m Joe, I live in Cape Town, and here you will find a collection of notes, guides and hacks for living well.

I’m really just scratching my own itch after reading and listening to a lot of content about health hacking and fat loss and finding no easy summary or guide. This bugging me, so I figured I’d start writing something, while I’m in the “beginners mind” of learning about this stuff.

I’m a geek, so this is aimed at geeks, but it should work for most people.

The very short summary is: Eat real food. Avoid carbs, stress and sitting. Sleep enough. So, pretty much avoid the Western lifestyle and you’ll be fine.

“Squats are the key to living well in old age and low orbit.” — ERnst

Your mind and body is connected, you can’t ignore one. If you feel great, you can do great things.

The world’s most precious resource is the passionate and committed human mind. — Peter Diamandis’ Laws

This is my attempt at rolling all my learnings into one practical guide. It includes some keto diet things, meditation, mobility, supplements, and a little bit of discomfort.

The main objective is to find ways to feel 30 until you are 80. The idea is to optimise “health span” more than “life span”.

You are probably going to die of heart disease or cancer. So focus on avoiding those for as long as possible and have a good quality of life until then. Keep a low body fat and stay flexible.

More Life Labs is my personal little quest, and motivation, to do the above. Join me.

I’m still experimenting with a lot of this stuff, and I suspect this site is going to stay is some form of Beta for a while.

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. Caveat lector.

Happy health hacking, crazy kids.

Why the name… “More Life Labs”?

Well, because of Blade Runner, and because “more” was Mia’s first word.

By the geeks, for the geeks.